Elevate Your Business With Blue Elevator™

Innovate, Accelerate, Replicate™

Designed for established businesses

As with any worthwhile venture, after you create and build upon a solid foundation, it’s time to accelerate. Our expert advisory will help you accelerate you results. Additionally, our advisory will help you avoid the pitfalls and mistakes that hold businesses back. Let us help you accelerate your business. Engage us to help you establish your own custom plans and processes allowing you to eclipse the competition.

Innovate, Accelerate, Replicate™

Designed for start-up businesses

If you are a start-up, it’s important to innovate to get off to a good start. Plus, even established businesses need to innovate. Over time, a lot of business owners continue to “invest” more time and resources into their businesses. However, for an established business, the “return” often diminishes. If you are a start-up or experiencing a “plateau” (flat to moderate and/or intermittent growth or profitability), it’s time to innovate. Engage us to help you create custom solutions for you and your business.

Innovate, Accelerate, Replicate™

Designed for advanced businesses

Most business owner’s work in their business – that is a given. This program is designed to replicate your results to create a business “that works for you.” When it’s time to scale, you need to replicate. Engage us to help you design plans and processes that propel your business forward while simultaneously reducing the necessity of in-depth owner involvement.

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My startup was in the basement when I heard about Ken Moll and Blue Elevator. With my husband's 25+ years of graphic design experience, printing was a natural extension. All I needed was a framework put in place to get me to the ground floor and doing business. Ken helped create the forms and systems I needed to build a successful company that can grow beyond me. I plan to continue using Blue Elevator to take my "business to the next level," then the next, and the next. Every meeting builds my excitement for the future of DollarSigns Printing. If you're starting a new business or trying to grow an existing company, or just stuck on where to go next, call Blue Elevator and let Ken give you a ride.–Debye Payne, DollarSigns Printing

I hired Ken/Blue Elevator to help move our company forward. I needed someone to understand my goals and to help implement them. I also knew it was time to invest into our company. Ken has helped bring clarity to our business plan. I have watched our team come together and participate with enthusiasm. Within the first few meetings with Ken, we had in place new procedures that have proven effective to our company. With the support of Ken we had the confidence to make some changes that at one time may have seemed impossible. It’s like I once heard, “when you are on the monkey bars, you must let go with one hand to get to the next bar.” We are moving forward with an awesome partner. I would highly recommend Ken/Blue Elevator to another business that is committed to change. You will find an individual who has high standards of integrity and one who is committed. Ken has a great business sense and is extremely knowable about business and finances. It is one of the best investments I have made into our company. Ken brings a great sense of peace and confidence. We have been blessed to have Ken as part of our success. –Debra Popovich, RD Tax Service

Blue Elevator is now an embedded and integral part of my business. I came to them knowing I needed my business to grow, but I had no idea how to get myself out of my own way. They have completely transformed the way we do things and my business is now expanding exponentially. Using Blue Elevator was the smartest decision I, or anyone, could have made.–Dave Sentenn, Local Monster

Ken Moll with Blue Elevator took my event to the next level! He reviewed my prior fund raising event which lost money and helped my second event exceed my financial expectations. His planning, experience and strategy ensured it would generate revenue to fund my work.–Pastor Jim Domen, M.Div.

Ken/Blue Elevator has helped me focus my vision for different branches of my business and is a great resource to bounce ideas off of and provide guidance. Allowing him to coach you, will increase your success.–Brian Harrington, Marketing Consultant.

Have you ever met someone and just knew you'd be great friends? I did not know immediately how much Ken Moll would mean to me or to our BNI chapter.  His contributions cannot be minimized.  He is like an incredible business chaplain. He is great at sharing his knowledge and encouraging everyone he meets.  He is kind, generous and I've witnessed amazing transformations with every business that he counsels!  He is the best Business Coach I've ever seen.  I just wished I had met him 10 years ago!!!  Ken your keen insights, hard work and skillful strategies are wonderful!  Gratitude does not cover it!  Thank you Ken, you truly are Success Unlimited's own Business Whisperer! –Cindy Rouze, Founder - Images in Motion